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Posidonio beach
Poseidonio, a small beach in a picturesque cove with views to the Asia Minor coast. In the village of Poseidonios a small and picturesque beach awaits you. The waters are one of the warmest on Samos and the sand inside and out makes it suitable for young children, is located to the west of Paleokastro.
Kerveli beach (or Haravgi)
Kerveli (or Haravgi) beach is a quiet pebble beach, crystal clear sea and sandy bottom, rich natural shade from the trees in a beautiful leeward bay that usually attracts families.
Mourtia beach
A small pebble beach with a natural marina for small boats, in northeast Samos, located 6km from Vathi.
Livadaki Beach Samos
Livadaki, an organised sandy beach with shallow water in a small bay. It is a small and very beautiful beach, with sand and shallow turquoise waters, which is quite popular.
Aspros Kavos Heraion
White Kavos beach ( Aspros kavos Beach ) is an alternative small beach, with beautiful crystal clear waters and covered by medium and large pebbles. Is 10 min from the airport.
Pythagorion Beach
Although located in the town of Pythagorion on the marina and the harbor, the beach and the water is clean, with pebbles and sand, clearly see the bottom and not very deep waters. Organized with sunbeds and umbrellas overlooking the dominant famous statue of Pythagoras.
Potokaki Beach
The Potokaki beach, is a polymorphic beach offers you many options, including water sports, beach bar, isolation and much more.
Glikorisa Beach
Gligoriza beach is a blue flag beach, paved with small pebbles with sections of sand at its bottom.
Panagia Eleousa Beach
Panagia Eleousa Beach is a small picturesque beach with small pebbles and rich natural shade from the trees along the beach.
Psili Ammos Beach
Psili Ammos beach an organised beach with very shallow waters, suitable for beach games and families with children. Is a beautiful beach, with sand and some pebbles, will reward you if you are looking for seclusion and natural beauty. Psili Ammos is located fairly close to Pythagorion and is a popular beach. The name Psili Ammos means “fine sand”. The water is very shallow and slopes gently into the sea making it very suitable for children. On this beach are of course sun beds for rent. Furthermore, some taverns are located at the beach. Near Psili Ammos there is a salt lake. You will pass it when you go to Psili Ammos. If you are lucky you can see flamingos in the salt lake, they stay in winter here, in June as the lake dries up they are usually gone. Psili Ammos is easily accessible from Vathi and Pythagorio by car, and even by bicycle because the road to it goes through the flatter part of the island. From Psili Ammos is the distance to Turkey very small, about a 1.5 kilometers, and is clearly visible from the beach.
Mikali Beach Flamingo
Southeastern of Samos, in the Alykes wetland near the beach of Psilis Ammos they find Shelter and build their nests Migratory birds Flamingos and others (such as wild ducks and Swans)during the winter months in the lake formed by the rains. Mykali is situated before Psili Ammos en exist out of a fine pebbled beach with crystal clear water. Here are beach beds and umbrellas for rent. Mykali is with 3,2 km one of the longest beaches of Samos.
Papa Beach Heraion
Papa beach is an alternative small beach, with beautiful crystal clear waters and covered by medium and large pebbles.
Lemonakia Beach
In the eastern part of Samos, near Kokkari is the lean organized beach Lemonakia. Clear water, green and good service.
Tsamadou Beach
The beach is well-organized with umbrellas, sun-beds, and a beach bar (in the western side), playing nice music and offering cool and refreshing drinks. The beach attracts many visitors, locals and foreigners alike. All these thinks make your visit to Tsamadou Beach an absolute necessity! You should note that in Tsamadou Beach you can exercise nudism, but on the eastern side only.