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[:en]Worth a visit to find out the local history and see the interests of the island of Samos[:]

Pythagorio is a village in Samos, built on the south-eastern side of the island. It is located south of the city of Vathi Samos and 12 kilometers from it. According to the 2011 census, its population is 1,272.
River waterfalls, of exceptional natural beauty with two small lakes, ideal for those who are looking for adventure and want to swim in very cold waters.
It extends extensively to the northwest side of the island of Samos, and surrounded by lush villages and lush vegetation and beautiful beaches with the clearest waters, Karlovassi is the second largest city on the island. A separate town, divided in the harbor area, the old town of Karlovassi, the middle town, the new town and the bay area.
Kokkari is a seaside village of Samos with an altitude of 10 meters. It is located 11 km away from Vathi Town of Samos, where is the capital of the island and the capital of Samos Law. Kokkari, a popular beach, with pebbles, deep clear waters and bigwaves. Well organised and a favourite spot for watersports lovers and funseekers.
The village of Ano ( Upper) Vathi is situated in the northeast of the island of Samos, above the capital of the island of Samos which is called Vathi or just “Samos”. If you drive in from the south (Pythagorion) in the direction of Samos Town you arrive at a at a fork in the road next to a large church. One side (the left) goes down towards the port (the exit that is marked as “Samos”), the other side on the right (two narrower roads) lead to Ano Vathi. In 2010 we gave Ano Vathi another chance and we went deeper into the village. Ano Vathi is created in the 17th century when the inhabitants moved away from the coast because of pirate attacks. The streets are narrow and steep and some of the (mostly small) traditional, old houses have hanging bay windows in a Venetian style.
Mytilinioi is a village in the island of Samos, built on a hill in a beautiful central area. According to the 2011 census it has 1,982 inhabitants. The settlement was created when Kilicz Ali received permission from Sultan Suleiman to colonize in Samos.
Manolates is a traditional village, with beautifully maintained houses, plenty of water, surrounded by lush vegetation and fantastic views.