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Hera’s Temple

Ruins of an Ionic temple originally built in the 8th century BCE & dedicated to the goddess Hera.

Pythagoras used his bigger cave for teaching and to provide drinking water but he did not live there because his cave is too high up to the mountain and too steep. The cave goes back about 80 meters but you can walk only 15 to 20 meters until you reach the Holy water. As you go up before the first chapel ( Saint John) there is a small path on the right side that it goes to the cave of Pythagoras. The path is steep and it finishes under a fig tree. Then you must climb 1-2 meters and to follow the orange marks with spray to find entrance. This cave, Pythagoras used for staying because you can live there, it’s more flat than the other. There are three rooms but you can go only in two of them.
This popular museum in Mitilinioi (receiving around 30,000 international visitors per year) presents a rich and varied number of paleontological finds. The visitor can explore exhibits among which are 350 types of fish and shellfish, 40 bird species, 30 kinds of animals, reptiles and amphibians of Samos and around 3000 kinds of Greek herbs.
Museum of Samian Wine in Vathi in Samos. You will learn about the history of Samos wine, how it is produced and taste some of the best wines.